Flynt's Spell Journal and Letters

Spell Journal

This is Flynt's spell book she has for listing her spells and also uses as a journal and a sketchbook for drawing the things, people, and moments she loves most

Inner Front Cover

[A drawing of Corina and Skye in the ocean at sunset up top alongside drawings of a rapier, a dagger, a revolver, and a cat]

Page 1: Ownership

Property of
Corina Flynt Bluestone
if you find it, please contact the Bluestones of Flairwood!
Thank you!

[Flynt's first drawing of Skye Bluestone after they first met and the merchant's daughter waved farewell to the apprentice blacksmith]

Page 2: Note from Her Father

Work in Progress

Page 3: Note Continued

Work in Progress

Page 4: Magic Training

Work in Progress

Page 5: Sparks

Produce Flame

Being a being of fire, my dad recommended trying to produce a mote of flame to get a feel for magic. It was confusing at first but, yesterday, I managed to snap and a few sparks came from my fingers!
[A drawing of Flynt's hand snapping and sparks flying out from it]

It was exciting but I almost ignited Mom's cloak...

Pages 6 - 180

Works in Progress

Inner Back Cover

Work in Progress