Player Characters

A Bladesinger-Gunslinger Fire Genasi, Flynt seeks adventure and research into The Surge to help save her brother whose health is fading

A Ranger-Rogue satyr in Flynt's party that seeks information on the Fey Wilds due to The Surge

An Arcane Trickster who's tagging along with Flynt and company

A knowledgeable elf Wizard who's from the Order of Scribes

A Dragonborn Paladin with a passion for supporting an orphanage and the children in it

A Giant nature-loving twilight cleric

Expected Characters

Levels of canonization vary

A human Beast Master Ranger who has a red panda named Buttons and travels with Alice as her protector and lover

An elven Eldritch Knight writer who journeyed with Celesi as her guide when she sought experience in the world for her stories, now resides in the city she loves and Celesi stays with her though the ranger craves adventure


Flynt's familiar, a cat named Bandit that acts like a major rascal but helps out when needed

The red panda companion of Celesi deMoryn

Elaxor NPCs

A lord in Flairwood who gives the party their first quest

A halfling Soulknife Rogue who has a bone to pick with Stella Aurora and gets nicknamed Vin by Crane

Levels of canonization vary

Corina's NPCs

Flynt's Triton Battle Master wife who works as a weapons merchant and is Flynt's personal sword training instructor

Flynt's Horizon Walker older brother and the prior adventurer of the Flynt family before Corina who taught his sister survival skills

Flynt's younger sister who's likely to become a Wizard and gives Flynt hope and inspiration

Flynt's Arcane Archer mother who taught Flynt Genasii history and who Flynt watched duel with Lunan to pick up her initial skills with a blade

Flynt's Abjuration Wizard father who taught her magic and inspired many of Flynt's more subtle traits

The Half-Elf Armorer Artificer blacksmith who Flynt works for in Rollyn as he taught her weapon smithing and helped Flynt construct her first revolver

Flynt's Aasimar Gunslinger rival in Rollyn for their club competitions who also helps teach Flynt tips and tricks on both using her revolver and dating Skye Cerulean

Former Elaxor Questers

Levels of canonization vary

An electrical Gunslinger known as Crane who seeks to do good in the world whilst also solving mysteries about his life for closure and revenge

A Bard who grew up in the same city as Crane, Port IO, and later reunited with the gunslinger so they travelled together taking odd jobs until they met Wilxen and Vin

An Arcane Trickster who's caught up in an attack that Benji, Crane, and Usnea also get drawn into and winds up sticking with them to meet Vin and helps this party attack a military convoy for information

A Druid Barbarian dwarf named after bearded lichen, Usnea enjoyed his wild shapes and digging burrows for the party

Crane's NPCs

Levels of canonization vary

Ian's brother and therefore one of the Walker Triplets adopted by Dr. Laing, Finn had the same powers as Crane but he was killed in the attack on The Laing Family

Ian's sister and therefore one of the Walker Triplets adopted by Dr. Laing, Jen had the same powers as Crane but she went missing in the attack on The Laing Family

The frost powered twin of Minna Laing and Doctor Laing's daughter in Ealiqar who showed up to Port IO the day the Laing Family was attacked

The flame powered twin of Wendy Laing and Doctor Laing's daughter in Ealiqar who showed up to Port IO the day the Laing Family was attacked, is responsible for Crane's handprint scar though Crane is no longer certain why

An oversees researcher who found the Walker Triplets stealing from a military convoy that was escorting her and also decided to adopt the orphans at the age of 12 and brought them back to Port IO with her. When she visited the capital of Iomidran, Titan, she would always bring the triplets trinkets from the metropolis and encourage them to write her twins who were at her home in Ealiqar

A character Crane would be destined to one day meet, Jessie Colts is a winged healer in an outskirt town who desires to sing in a large city

The family who saved Ian's life after he confronted Harvey and was left for dead after a very one-sided fight. After Ian leaves the family in fear for their safety when he hears Lawrence Branch is looking for him, he does wind up taking their name as an alias, confident it's detached enough from the original people who saved him

A major face in Umbra Viatorum and the one responsible for Doctor Laing and Finn Walker's deaths as well as Jen Walker's disappearance though he manipulated Ian Walker and the truth to get the 16 year old boy to work for his organization by blaming the events on Minna Laing and saying he was there to help. This lie lasted for two years until the truth got out and Ian confronted him

The next in command under Harvey, she issues out orders and keeps tasks going in their branch

Lawrence excels in research but lacks combat prowess so he holds the same rank as Ian in Umbra Viatorum but had superiority being a longer-lasting member and being there of his own accord. Lawrence also hunts Ian after he hears the boy survived Harvey's wounds