Corina Flynt

At a height of 5’6-¼, the young gunslinging witch known as Flynt carries herself in a way that appears to be at attention, with her golden eyes’ gaze fastened on everything around her. The expression she carries portrays an inquisitive intrigue though, as you get to know her, you might get the feeling she’s also caught up in her own thoughts to the point that not everything around her goes fully observed when her mind runs wild. She has pale red skin that’s accentuated by golden freckles that match her eyes which are especially found along the bridge of her nose and cheeks. As a Fire Genasi, Flynt’s hair glows in its molten state, becoming brighter or dimmer depending on her energy and excitement levels. Keeping the locks of her magma flowing off her forehead to the right side of her face are her translucent green goggles with a golden trim she uses when forging her weapons. She’s donned a grey and purple coat with a cloak aspect that covers the top part of her torso and goes to a point over her shoulder. This coat allows for a cape to flow behind Flynt which seems to please the young woman as she walks around and sees her own shadow move. Underneath those flowing garments, the Genasi has dark pants that puff outward near her golden boots, a yellow vest with a bandolier strapped to it, and a grey shirt with a high collar. Inside her coat on her waist are various pouches as well as her spell book she uses as a journal, a sheathed rapier, and a holstered revolver. These items are all hooked onto a belt that loops throughout her coat. Additionally, Flynt has an extraordinarily fancy betrothal necklace that contains a piece of flint and a sheet of parchment inside of it.

Corina "Flynt" Bluestone

Weilder of a steel blade, a steel firearm, and fire magic, this Fire Genasi aptly represents the ideas of Flynt and steel!
Nickname: Spark

Early Life and Magic Training

From a young age, Corina lived on her family's manor in Litus with her parents Callister and Elaena plus her older brother Lunan and, later on, her younger sister Danica. When Corina turned 13, she began her magic training under her father, Callister, as part of her wizardry studies but the bookwork bored her and she preferred to watch her brother duel with their mother, Elaena, when she had the time to spectate them. Corina began to practice with her brother Lunan using a set of wooden training blades and sneaking off with his actual rapier to practice at night. Once she'd become confident enough in magic to focus on an Arcane Tradition, Corina picked the uncommon course of Bladesinging and got her own sword at the age of 15. Corina's parents were initially surprised and reluctant to let their daughter take on such a dangerous path but Corina said she looked up to Lunan and her mother's dueling skills and their desire to make good use of their abilities. Callister and Elaena Flynt accepted their daughter's ambition and celebrated her progress, giving Corina the family spellcasting focus: a decorative piece of flint that now adorns the hilt of her blade.


As she became more proficient with her rapier, Corina developed a desire to learn more about new weapons and was fascinated by stories of the black powder rifles her parents told her about emerging onto the battlefield when they were young. By the time she heard legends of a new handheld firearm called a revolver, Corina had to get her hands on one. At the age of 16, Corina followed her brother on one of the adventures he undertook as the new Flynt family adventurer whilst her parents were distracted with their new daughter, Danica. Corina boarded Lunan’s boat to escape Litus so she wouldn’t be found by her parents as quickly and then made her way to a market in Rollyn when Lunan's ship docked. With her well-saved coins, Corina went searching for a revolver.
Though she found none and initially very little information on the fancy, new weapons, Corina met a blacksmith who promised to help her make one in exchange for work around his forge. Corina “had” to oblige when her brother headed to the Mythical Archipelago without knowing he was leaving his sister behind though she was happy to remain in Rollyn, taking on tasks for the blacksmith, Aerich Vaughn. When asked, Corina was vague about where she came from but, after working for Aerich for a few weeks, he allowed her to meet the family he worked for who hailed from Flairwood. The daughter of the wealthy merchant family seemed intrigued by Corina’s presence and they began to talk about weapons Flynt was making. The merchant’s daughter introduced herself as Skye Cerulean and the two discussed their passions, primarily related to blades but they had many topics come up during the many hours the merchant family was meeting with Aerich. When the Ceruleans departed, Corina said she enjoyed their talk and wished her new acquaintance well, getting a kind smile and a farewell wave in return. The blacksmith commented on Corina’s gaze into the distance which caused Corina to quickly get to work on a new task, brushing anything off and hoping she wasn’t visibly blushing. In the next few weeks, Corina sketched Skye's friendly wave in her spellbook quite a few times.

With that knowledge, Corina continued working for Aerich to help pay for her brother’s medical visits by a family doctor and soon many more professionals. The young bladesinger also began dueling at an academy nearby the blacksmith’s shop where she once again met Skye. The merchant’s daughter was there to oversee the training of the students who were using their company’s weapons and dueled Corina to assess her progress. After being defeated, Corina asked Skye to teach her and the champion obliged so long as Corina showed her some magic.

After many lessons from Skye and continued work for Aerich, Corina was honing her craft and beginning to participate in competitions with clubs in Rollyn to gain funds for Lunan at a greater rate. The day after she constructed her own revolver, Corina took it to a quickdraw shooting competition and challenged the fastest shot there, Hawke Winchester, to shoot the most targets. Corina had also invited Skye who left Flairwood to see Corina compete and though Corina lost to Hawke, getting third place impressed both Skye and herself. Hawke noticed the two celebrating and gave Corina encouragement and a hint on how to ask Skye on a date. Corina did just that on that very evening and Skye accepted, rushing away with her assistant to get ready whilst Corina quickly went to Aerich to ask for help preparing for the date, herself. Skye and Corina officially begin their relationship by the time Corina turned 17. 

Gaining Experience

A few days later, Callister came looking for Corina in the city of Rollyn and found her with Aerich, exasperatedly hugging her, relieved to see she was okay. Corina's father explained that she needed to return home because Lunan was sick. Aerich wished the two well and Callister thanked the blacksmith for making sure his daughter was taken care of. Along the trip, Corina heard of the dire news regarding Lunan thus, once home, she worriedly ran up to her brother to give him a hug. Corina could tell Lunan was surprised but a sick feeling set in her stomach when he didn’t have the energy to return her embrace. When Corina asked her brother what happened, he didn't tell her much but Lunan did hint that his group needed to get home quickly after something happened on the Mythological Archipelago. Corina began to fear for her brother’s health as it wasn't improving any over the next few months and she was eventually sat down by her mother who explained the depth of the Genesi’s disconnection from elemental planes due to The Surge and how it has been affecting their kind. Lunan was near a rift connected to The Surge when it opened after he was looking for research into the matter and had to be taken back by what remained of his crew in the crumbling state he’s now found in. His crewmates who made it out weren't much better off than Lunan.

Developing Love

With Flynt's relationship with the Cerulean daughter becoming stronger, she began to go compete more not only for Lunan but to impress her girlfriend who loved weapons and using them as much as her. After some time dueling separately, the pair decided to make a competitive team for their escapades. They called themselves the Bluestone Bandits, taking the idea of Cerulean being a hue of blue and the Flynt family being named after the similarly spelled stone. After many competitions, they began to work very well as a team and Hawke Winchester also took interest in Flynt's shooting skills at related competitions, encouraging her to practice more and offering tips when she did.

Additionally, Skye pushed Flynt to develop her magic seeing as she enjoyed watching Flynt show off her abilities, and also got the Fire Genasi to experience the beach for the first time in her life, helping her with her fears of open waters.

Adventures and Engagement

Now adept in magic and blades as well as becoming proficient in revolvers, Corina set off on adventures with the help of Skye’s funding to try to gain more supplies, better coin returns, and extra information for Lunan’s health. The magical gunslinger adventured for a while on her own, returning to stay with Skye for a few weeks at a time, then going back out for Lunan. After a lengthy quest away from Skye and a brush with death, Corina realized she’d fallen deeply in love with her partner and proposed to Skye once back in Flairwood. Cerulean gave Corina a necklace for their engagement as it is Genasi tradition and she used it to store her spellcasting focus and a picture of her fiancé. A few months afterward, Corina gets news of a clue for Lunan’s health tied to the Surge and goes to investigate it, meeting the party soon after. By this point, Corina and Skye decided to take on the name Bluestone they used for their dueling team. The two lovers both began testing out their proposed surname of Bluestone though Corina also kept the Flynt family name since Lunan's adventuring brand relied on it and she was questing in his stead therefore she wished to honor her brother. Skye has also fondly nicknamed Corina "Sparks/Spark/Sparky" or "My Spark" as seen in all their letters and whenever they say farewell to each other with the nickname originating when they first met and Flynt was working in Aerich's forge. The party has probably seen Skye call Corina some form of her nickname though Flynt quiets down anything on the matter. 

Flynt has the tendency to fiddle with her hair when she’s nervous, likely since it glows more when she is flustered or gets excited and it’s dull when she’s tired. When she proposed, Flynt was a little nervous and definitely excited enough that her hair was able to glow so brightly it was a solid white, matching her future dress. If Flynt wears a veil during her wedding, it will surely act as a lampshade!

Other art of Flynt

Flynt's costume pieces and worn outfit

Flynt's spell book she also keeps as a journal detailing her life and adventures on Elaxor

Characters Pertinent to Flynt

NPC - Flynt's Triton Battle Master wife who works as a weapons merchant and is Flynt's personal sword training instructor

Flynt's familiar, a cat named Bandit that acts like a major rascal but helps out too

NPC - Flynt's Horizon Walker older brother and the prior adventurer of the Flynt family before Corina who taught his sister survival skills

NPC - Flynt's younger sister who's likely to become a Wizard and gives Flynt hope and inspiration

NPC - Flynt's Arcane Archer mother who taught Flynt Genasii history and who Flynt watched duel with Lunan to pick up her initial skills with a blade

NPC - Flynt's Abjuration Wizard father who taught her magic and inspired many of Flynt's more subtle traits

NPC - The Half-Elf Armorer Artificer blacksmith who Flynt works for in Rollyn as he taught her weapon smithing and helped Flynt construct her first revolver

NPC - Flynt's Aasimar Gunslinger rival in Rollyn for their club competitions who also helps teach Flynt tips and tricks on both using her revolver and dating Skye Cerulean

PC - A Ranger-Rogue satyr in Flynt's party

PC - An Arcane Trickster who's tagging along with Flynt and company

PC - A Dragonborn Paladin with a passion for supporting an orphanage and the children in it 

PC - A knowledgeable elf Wizard who's from the Order of Scribes